July 10, 2016

riot-graphicIt’s Sunday and ordinarily I would be posting something to do with my campaign for President. But the events of the past week just make it seem ridicules to try and promote myself, so I’m going to turn the post over to my buddy Jeff he’s older and has a better perspective on this shit. Hey guys as you know I’m 70 years old which means I was around for desegregation and all the riots. Now we had some great men back then Martin Luther King, the Kennedy’s, Malcolm X and many more the ones above were all assassinated. So far we have lost a great many people to the problem of race. Things are bad now in relations between people and some of that can be blamed on radicals that profit from trouble between us. Some can be blamed on 9/11 and the desire for more police protection. In that rush some of the vetting wasn’t done and let’s face it as hard as it is for a white cop to live in his neighborhood think how hard it is for a black cop. So yes there is a disproportionate amount of white cops on the force. Every time there is an instance of black and white police get nervous. During the Newark riots which I saw firsthand due to towing cars out there, we were warned to be careful how we reacted if the police stopped us for any reason. I personally had a 38 police revolver pointed at my head by a cop I knew not to be to stable. I watched as nice neighborhoods made up of just black people were ravaged by rioters. Let’s face folks even the rap artist from Compton isn’t moving back. Just like the majority of white folks from bad neighborhoods don’t want to move back. Therein lies the problem most not all people that come from less than sterling neighborhoods don’t want to go back to live. In most cases they won’t drive through the area without protection. This distrust brings problems Muslims are thought to be potential terrorists. Latinos are drug dealer looking to steal your jobs. Muslims are just looking for a better life as are most Latinos. If we don’t want them here we need to make it possible for them to survive in their own countries. One thing I learned n my life one race cannot survive without the others. It’s time for the Trumps and Giuliani’s and Palin’s of this time to shut up we need leaders who are going to bring us together not rip us apart. In a world full of people who want to see us fail we cannot survive if we’re trying to kill each other. This is Jeff and Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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