July 4, 2016



It’s Independence Day in America and the politicians and the hot eating contests are all out there vying for your attention. Well who am I to be any different since I’m running for President. You know what’s sad that some people think Independence Day is just the name of a movie. Some people think being free and having the right to vote isn’t a good thing. You can hear them yelling that we have to much Democracy because the general public first supported Trump and then in England they withdrew from the European Union. I think it’s a good thing. Too long have the elite been making decisions for us. I think right or wrong we should make the decisions. If there’s going to be a war and the average guy is the one who’s going to be fighting in it shouldn’t he have some sort of say? You want us to pay taxes and then we can’t tell you where to spend the money because we’re too dumb. Hay assholes you don’t pay your fair share so maybe it’s time you didn’t get to make all the decisions. Now I don’t think either Donald Trump or leaving the European Union are good ideas but I do think it’s about time the average guy shook things up. Look at me a cat running for President can you imagine how much that would shake things up. I’d love to see CNN on election night reporting that I had just captured the electoral vote lead by winning California. Can you hear them at Clinton’s headquarters? A fucking what is leading the race. Wouldn’t it be nice if we elected a leader that everybody like not just a few in certain states? Well I’ll let you all get back to your BBQ’s. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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