May 22, 2016

cat-food-funny-cats-animals-humor-us-com-101055I’ve been asked by a very good friend if I could maybe post something a little humorist this week. Well first I went and looked up the definition of fun. Fun N. Something that provides mirth or amusement. Well those words seem to be the same as fun could it be that nobody really knows the definition of fun or is just what you think is funny. Well I went out and got some definitions and I think they’re funny so we’ll see. Number 1, Heaven- A place full of everything you got sent to hell for.
Number 2, Alcohol- A bitter fluid used to help white people dance.
Number 3, Vegetarian- Latin phrase, originally meaning “really bad hunter”
Number 4, Bacon- The reason you are not a Vegetarian.
Number 5, Vegan- A mass murderer of thousands of innocent fruits and vegetables.
Number 6, Slut- A woman with the morals of a man.
Number 7, Winter- A three month break between a woman and her razor.
Number 8, Sarcasm- The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.
Number 9, Friend- One of many strangers on Facebook.
Number 10, Canadian – American who learned to diet and exercise.
Number 11, Sober- Son of a bitch everything is real.
Well I hope you found some of this humorous if not Tuff Shit, I did. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    the cat alone was pretty funny – most of the jokes made me laugh out loud – especially the one about alcohol and the white people dancing – I’ve been there. Well thanks I had fun reading all of them


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