May 8, 2016

IMG_0002 Well it’s Mother’s day and if I wrote about my mom there wouldn’t be enough room to say all the good things she did for me and everybody else in the family. My niece Kim who recently passed away probably missed my mom more than any other person who knew her. My mom had that effect on people. She could be your best friend or someone you didn’t want to mess with. She always saw the good in people never the bad seeing the bad was my job. I guess that’s why everybody says I’m a pessimist and don’t like people. I got my love of animals from my mom. She couldn’t stand to see an animal mistreated or injured. She didn’t like to handle wild animals that job fell to my brother or me. I still rescue wild animals mostly birds down here that either fly into our house or hit a window. One of the unfortunate things I learned from my mom was sarcasm. She was pro at using the English language to get somebody. I think sometimes her quick tongue came back to bite her in the ass. I know mine has, but I’m really not concerned about it. That was another thing my mom taught me be true to yourself if you said it own it. And for the most part I have. When I write about something say politics or religion these are my opinions not necessarily absolutes but things that I look at think that they make since wither they can be proved or not. My mom didn’t have an easy life my father wasn’t the easiest person to deal with as he got older and alcohol took control. He was a mean drunk while I was just a stupid drunk. There are a lot of things I could have done but for whatever the reason I just didn’t see a lot of the bad shit. Hey look at this I wasn’t going to write about my mom and I just did. She was my greatest fan always supporting me no matter what dumb thing I was about to do. If you guys out there are lucky enough to still have your mom make sure that you let her know not just on mother’s day but 365 days. We might like to believe they’ll be there forever but life doesn’t work that way what will stick around are the thing she taught and the person she helped you become. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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