April 24, 2016

what_hell_going_on_catsOriginally I was going to post about Fracking and its effects on the environment but after reading the news this morning I need to talk about the climate of violence. When I grew in East Orange New Jersey there was no gun registration for rifles or shotguns. My 22 was bought in Sears by my father and I use to carry it in its box on the bus when I went to rifle team practice at the Y. Later I bought shotguns from friends or the local sporting goods store. No problem no registration. But back then we didn’t have school shootings or drive by’s, even the mob had figured out that gun play was bad for business. Were there fights after school sure bats and chains were used but nobody brought a gun. Today it supposed to be harder to get a gun yet it’s more like the 1930’s with police being targeted and innocent kids getting shoot by some kid that didn’t like the way they looked at them or whose parents didn’t appreciate them. Remember I’m 70 years old if you didn’t do what your old man wanted or did it wrong you would probably get a beating. But now Dr Spock and other child shrinks tell you that just encourages bad behavior in the future. I’m not going to debate corporal punishment one way or the other. It just seems to me that whatever parents are doing today one thing there not is preparing them to deal with stress or the local bully. I had two boys that bullied me when I was in high school and I listened to my mom don’t fight just ignore. Well I did that for a long time then one day I just kicked the shit out of them and nobody bothered me again. I know today with the internet it’s more of a psychological type of bulling then physical and that is probably much worse. But still I think teaching kids how to stand up to this is better than letting it go on until somebody decides to go and get daddy’s gun and kill a few people. They say they teach educators to look for signs in the kids so this doesn’t happen. Well that doesn’t seem to be working to well I mean you teach maybe 5 classes or more a day and even at a small size say 25 that’s still a 125 kids a day and you can’t possible know what’s going on in all their minds. Look the point of this post is that something’s definitely wrong with all of society right now and I don’t know where to start to correct it and there are millions of opinions out there and nobody knows which is right. One thing I’m sure of is that things didn’t get better as I get older they only got worse. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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