April 10, 2016

indexWell I’m sitting here listing to a little Skynard and writing about one of favorite topics Automation. When I turned 21 and my dad died my Stepbrother Jimmy who was never one of my favorite people comes to me and says Jeff it’s time you stopped screwing around and got a real job. You should get into human resources although I don’t think they called it that back then. I asked why and he said automation is coming and we’re going to have to do something with the people. Now I didn’t really understand that then but now I do. When I worked as a temp for the post office they were just beginning the process of automation where on machine in a sorting center could so the work of 8 people. Well if you take that number it means that seven people ain’t got a job anymore. They’ve done in the car industry where whole assembly lines that used to employ maybe a hundred men were replaced by robots and maybe one supervisor. Speaking of robots did you see where they have them playing soccer now. If that happens, what are we supposed to do with the millions of kids and the few overpaid spoiled pros now? Automation is supposed to be a good thing allowing companies to manufacture more cheaply and thus reduce the cost to the consumer (LOL). But what it also does is use less people so how are they supposed to make money to buy those products. And they want a military of robot soldiers and drone aircraft. Sure that will save lives, but it will also make war more palpable to the masses if they don’t have to worry about their kids getting killed. I’m not some old crazy guy that thinks technology is the second coming of Satan but if it’s not used wisely it won’t improve our live it will destroy them. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. Jhonatan Salas said

    I dont gonna write all again…


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