April 3, 2016

0107_imnaha_pack_alpha_male_odfw I just read an article on the killing of a wolf family in Oregon. They were exterminated by gunshot from helicopters. The male was known as OR4 and is considered responsible for the reestablishment of Wolves in Oregon. He his long time mate OR39 also known as Limpy (because of a badly healed leg injury) as well as two cubs are no more. They were killed because he supposedly killed calves belonging to a local rancher. Apparently Orr had been thrown out of his pack known as the Innaha Pack because he was old. Too old to hunt Elk and Deer so in order to feed his mate and cubs he took to killing lives stock. Now I’m not going to say nothing should have been done but if was as old as they say and his mate was injured they could of been trapped and relocated to a sanctuary. I don’t think gunning them down from a helicopter with high powered rifles is exactly fair. I mean he gave the calves a chance he was old after all. If they had set out on foot and tracked him down in a fair hunt well at least he had a chance. But to kill them from the air, those men were nothing more than killers that they claimed OR4 to be. I know farmers need to protect their property but I think in this case some compassioned would of gone a long way. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    makes me sick to my stomach when I hear stuff like that – I really do dislike people SICKENING


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