March 16, 2016

indexWell I’ve been under the weather for a week or so couple that with the complete lack of anything humorous in the news and you have the reasons for no posts. I really miss people like George Carlin. I think would have been the only person who could find humor in the political situation now. So I guess I’ll try to give you all a little chuckle or to. Let’s talk about age: do you know a seventy year old man’s definition of being able to multi function? It’s being able to piss and fart at the same time. Do you remember when you were young and you’d come home kick of your shorts across the room so they would lend on the closet doorknob and now you’re just grateful you remembered to wear shorts. A good thing is if you’ve been out late and spent all your money all you have to do is flag down a cop and say “ Officer I’m lost and don’t remember where I live” now that will get you a ride to the station where you can get a cup of coffee and call home. Also now if you forget an anniversary or birthday nobody will get mad they’ll just think you’re getting forgetful in your old age. When you’re old you don’t have tuck in your shirt or wear socks. Remember those hot dates where you took the lady home and watched a porn movie then tried to duplicate everything you saw. Now your date is snoring by the time you figure out how to turn the DVD player on. Well I hope I brought a smile to your face I’m going to see if I can find my way out of my office and get some prune juice in the kitchen. This is Flounder saying (I didn’t write this stuff) CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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