March 1, 2016

imagesIt’s Super Tuesday where a lot of primary voting is done to see who the candidates are going to be. I personally have never met a person who has voted in a primary even when I was in politics. Primaries are more smoke filled back room politics then they are an excise in expression of the Democratic process. In Iowa and several other states they have what they call caucus’s where the candidates have to convince a few party representatives that they should be the man. That locks in the delegates who are going to the convention to vote for that person on at least the first ballot regardless of their feeling s about him or her. If they don’t get the nomination on the first ballot, something that rarely happens, then it’s back to backroom politics. We may have the best country in the world but that does mean it doesn’t need some improving. The only time there is a willingness to change is if it’s going to benefit the party of some faction within that party. If you’re an old guy like me, I’m 70; you’ve seen opportunities for the poor or low income people evaporate. There’s an old song by Jay and the Americans titled only in America. In is the line “Only in America can a guy from anywhere go to sleep a pauper and wake up to be a millionaire Only in America can a kid without a cent get a break and maybe grow up to be President”. Unfortunately that is largely untrue now. We are truly in the age of money talks and bull shit walks. The wealthy, which wouldn’t be wealthy if it wasn’t for the rest of us, now control our destiny. Now that really sucks and I’ve succeeded in depressing myself. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. Jhonatan Salas said

    Hey, Mr Jeff…. Ok Jeff it tookme 2 nights and 1 bussy day finish The 1rst book, right now im sitting in front of the door waithing.watching.. Nah no true, im outside. Jajajaja that yes is true, is cold…


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