February 28, 2016

donald-trump-angryI’ve seen lots of news reports comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. I think what your seeing is a more systemic problem that’s showing its ugly head now. Politicians have always been racist and I a lot of cases they don’t even try to hide it. As for the rest of the country when immigration was first brought forward by African Americans there were thousands of people who disagreed. Those people didn’t convert or leave the country they just did what Blacks had been doing they kept their heads down and waited. They believe they have found a kindred spirit in Donald Trump. This may be so but if he tries to implement some of his more extreme proposals he risks starting civil unrest unlike any we have ever seen. What makes Trump so dangerous (besides the fact that he believes he’s always right) is he has no idea what to do if he does say revoke Obama Care or build a wall. You see the thing is even if you’re a supporter of his and believe these things should be done he has no idea how to implement them. I don’t believe he can beat Hillary which means the possibility of 8 years of the same bull shit that’s going on now. I’m 70 years old and I have never seen an election where there is no possibility for change. Wait you say there’s Bernie. Bernie’s a good man with good ideas but there’s no way he can rest control of the government from Wall Street and the Koch brothers, if anything as nice a guy as he is his election could make thing worse in Washington. You see people seem to forget that the president isn’t a dictator he has to answer to Congress and the Constitution. Trump hasn’t forgotten do you think he won’t be making backroom deals that will benefit him and his rich friends. You know how many elections I’ve been through where the candidates have promised big change and we’ve all bit into it. They study people they see what’s the big issue is and they’ll put forward a plan to correct it. They’ll introduce bill in Congress and the public will relax and say see. but the Senate will want changes and will add Riders so by the time it gets to the President’s desk it’s just another piece of paper, not the game changing legislation they thought it would be. That’s my opinion but what do I know I’m just a cat. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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