February 8, 2016

peyton-manning-super-bowl-50-denver-broncos-vince-lombardi-trophy_3412594 Well the game is over and it was sort of a snoozer but the Broncos did win and Carolinas quarterback Cam Newton sulked off into the sunset. My hope is this was Payton Manning’s last game so he goes out on top. He looked old during the game and if it wasn’t for the Broncos great defense he would have gone home a loser. I saw Newton doing his pre game stuff and he just didn’t seem to have the eye of the tiger if you know what I mean. I mean I could understand being a little nervous but he looked more asleep than anything else and of course as the game went on instead of getting angry he looked like he might cry. Speaking of crying I saw reviews of the halftime show that said how good it was but personally I think it stank up the joint. They said when Bruno Mars came on that the crowd was really excited. Well those people down front are told to be excited all I could hear was channels being switched. Next year they should try for a Led Zepplin reunion I mean they might need the money since it looks like they might lose their law suit about Stairway to Heaven. Plus having a Zep reunion would make the tickets worth their weight in gold. I watched the game alone so there were no distractions my wife took care of pop corn and beverages so for me it was great. I had to listen to it in Spanish and I can understand how some Latinos are confused by the game thinking it more complicated than it is. The reason is because the announcers are Mexican and don’t have a clue but think they do. Well that’s it for another year here’s hoping we’re all here for No. 51. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “AND THE GAME IS DONE”

  1. valerie said

    Yes the game was so so but happy for payton also agree that this should be his last year. as far as half time chris Martin hopped around the stage looking like a gorilla and beyonce I could care less about – but I must disagree with you on Bruno Mars I love him


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