December 3, 2015

imagesThere was another mass shooting this week. This on happened in the US and the usual cries for gun control were heard. I must say before I begin that I’m neither pro gun nor anti gun. If you’re a true hobbyist and have taken firearms safety courses and have no mental problems or are a member of the Klan or international terror groups you can have a gun. A gun that isn’t capable of 750 rounds per minute or has ammo capacity of more than 16 rounds (I think that too many but the cops use that). Now back to reality just getting tougher controls on the purchase will not stop illegal guns being on the street. This won’t happen until the weapons manufacturers and retailers can be held responsible. Now give that bull shit that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If there is no gun to use, people can’t use them, now you’re going to say well they just use a knife or a club. Those weapons are very personal you have to close and a unarmed person can still defend themselves. Weapons manufacturers put their products out there with little concern as to who is going to use them. The NRA has no problem with an individual buying a semi automatic AR15 and adding a 50 round magazine to it and saying it’s for hunting. Hunting what the zombie hoard? It takes only a little mechanical ability to make that weapon fully automatic and the only thing you hunt then is your neighbor. So long as weapons manufactures can sell to non military sources without fear of any consequences there will far too many guns on the streets. I heard Trump said things would have been different in Paris if everybody was armed. Yeah there would have been more dead most of them innocent. You know how scared you get in a gun fight you don’t aim and if you do you’re a stone cold killer and need to be locked up. Hey this is Flounder saying CIAO, and can’t we all just get a long, from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “ENOUGH ALREADY”

  1. valerie said

    I cannot even comment on this subject it just goes nowhere I do not know what more has to happen to wake up these nra assholes


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