November 23, 2015

1445881261429You have to feel for the American voter this Presidential election. Just look around at the candidates. The republicans lead in the crazy department only because they have more wackos trying for the nomination. I mean take a look they don’t have a clue about anything. On the Democratic side you have Hillary and Bernie. Hillary is old school politician meaning she constantly changes her mind then lies about it. Bernie seems like a good man but he’s only one man and contrary to popular belief the President really can’t do much if the congress and the Senate don’t want him to. And I don’t think all that money is going get on his bandwagon anytime soon. When did this all go to shit? Who started this mess the Republicans or the Democrats? Well my dear friends it was us. We got complacent and trusting and while we did that they sneaked around behind our backs and stuck it up our collective ass’s. There’s still time to set it right but they were smart they brought out the race card and the immigration card and then juts for good measure they threw in the terrorism card. All that will keep us from uniting and actually changing things. The one time we thought we caused change was during the Viet Nam war. We didn’t force the US to end an unpopular war it was time for it to stop anyhow. If we won the country was so destroyed we would have had to spend more on fixing it then we did on destroying it. Not only that look at all those hippies and peace freaks there either living in the hills getting rich on dope or they work for the same people who raped the country in early 2000. So am I surprised that the candidates for President are lying pieces of shit NO. This is Flounder saying CIAO and good luck from Medellin, Colombia.

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