November 16, 2015

lebanese-war-750x400I’ve seen a lot of stories about what happened in Paris and some people are upset because nothing was said about Lebanon specifically bombing which killed more people than Paris in the capital of Beirut. I agree there’s something wrong with the world’s attitude about this. But I also wonder why people have forgotten this city’s history. At one time prior to 1975 Beirut was referred to as the Paris of the Middle East then a civil war started between Palestine refugees and the Christian government. Syrian and Israeli governments took sides. In 1976 a predominately Syrian peace keeping force was put into place. In 1982 attacks on Israel led to them invading the country. In 1983 a devastating truck bomb attack which killed 229 American and French soldiers resulted in the removal in 1984 of the multination force According to a video released in 2004 by Osama Ben Ladin images of that bombing are what made him conceive the 9/11 attacks. The Sunnis, Shiites as well as others still hate each other. At present there are close to 700,000 Syrian refuges in Lebanon. The Palestine Hezbollah organization has its headquarters in Lebanon. I think with all that goes on in that country on a daily basest a bombing tends to be considered par for the course like the slave trade, blood diamonds and genocide which goes on in Africa. When I search my memory for things that happened there years ago I see the same situation if that country has nothing to give to the rest of the world or is not wealthy it tends to be ignored. War and civil war have destroyed more of that regions history and culture than nature has. And somehow the west gets blamed for it. The Lebanon people deserve just as much sympathy (maybe even more) as France does. They have suffered longer. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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