October 30, 2015

173d4a95633de8d6efb974e9bbc70d6bWell it’s getting near election time and the US is getting crazy. They just had a General Election down here for Mayors Governors and such. The score card 11 soldiers and 1 police officer killed several voting areas ransacked by upset people and 49% of the people didn’t vote. In the US it’s Presidential candidate time and people are getting ready to pick who will run against who next year. I always get fascinated by this because people actually think that whoever gets elected will change everything. The President needs congress and the senate to approve whatever he wants and it’s usually not what he want but what the people that paid for his election want. Then the people in the other party vote against it and they argue until they can figure about a way to screw the average person and make money for themselves and their banking friends. Now the reason I opened with the story of down here in Colombia is because could you imagine if the people in the US actually decided they have had enough and decide to do something about it. I mean you could have a nuclear strike on Newark NJ for Christ sake. It’s probably a good thing the average voter in the US is not to bright and very complacent. Hey this is Flounder saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN and CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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