October 17, 2015

Field_Trip-_water_samplingWell I know those of you that actually read this have been wondering where I’ve been this week. It seems I might have a partially detached retina which makes typing rather a difficult task. But let’s give it a shot shall we. You all heard the expression water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. That is becoming closer to the truth every day. Now before you run away screaming not another Global Warming story. This is not about that this is about mans stupidity. When I lived in Parsippany NJ there was a lot of construction going on especially office buildings. Many of these had 70% vacancy rates but they still had to run Air Conditioning and Heat, both of which use water. When I looked at the criteria for approving this construction I would see great concern for the sewage and garbage that would be generated. I didn’t notice any concern for where the fresh water was going to come from. This lack of concern for fresh water is not just a NJ problem but a worldwide problem. Using NJ as an example when I first moved to NJ I lived in East Orange whose water was supplied from artesian wells. It was great water and there seemed to be plenty of it. Well East Orange now has to buy water from other sources as does Parsippany. Now look at the rest of the country the largest reservoir in the country named Lake Mead is down to the lowest level since they filled it way back when. Oh the dam is called Hoover maybe you’ve heard of it. I’ve read news items that will tell you the next big money commodity will be fresh water. Now how many of you would freak out if tomorrow morning if when you went to the sink to make coffee and when you turned the tap noting came out. Now after you’ve called everybody and complained you’ve been told hey we ran out. You would probably say not possible the planet is seventy percent water this can’t happen. Well it can and has in some parts of the world. Down here they’ve diverted rivers so that the mine Gold and Emeralds. The result is large reservoirs are now near empty. I live in Medellin Colombia and it rains almost every day or night yet the reservoirs are at 59% of capacity. The west coast of the country is in the middle of a major drought. Yet when I look out the window new construction is being done and old homes are adding floors resulting in an increase in the local population without consideration as to where the drinking water will come from. Wealthy people just order bottled water and don’t think about it, this too will run dry. The most obvious answer and one nobody wants to hear is population control. Did you hear that it was the Catholic Church screaming Nooooooooo. Well my eye is driving me crazy so we’ll have to continue this later. This is Flounder saying Ciao from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “WANT A DRINK”

  1. valerie said

    great blog -but what about your eye you need to get it fixed pronto


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