September 29, 2015

55493681You watching or reading the news these days you see politics, murder, and stuff they call human interest. News about politics is anything but informing. It appears to be more like some old comics stand up routine. Then you have murder and other violence in the news. Sometimes I think this is shown just to make us feel uncomfortable. Human interest that’s just to show us the news has a human side. It’s all bullshit! They don’t want you thinking about issues during an election if you did you might decide to ask one of the candidates his opinion on the subject. That would be a no no for anyone who wants to get elected. News about violence is to scare you into accepting more police presence in your life. You’ll be willing to give a little independence to have that feeling of security. Human interest is just a story to escape too sort of like cartoons at a horror movie double feature. What I’m trying to say here is the news isn’t the news anymore it’s just bullshit to keep you from getting upset with all the other bullshit going on around you. This is Flounder saying Ciao from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    What they do here for news is constantly breaking into a show with breaking news and it is a car crash on long island or some other mishap certainly not worthy of breaking news and this happens all day. Oh well i guess we could say no news is good news . How are you doing anyway haven’t heard from you in a while


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