IT TOO @#$@#@%&&*@%$@#@ EARLY

September 22, 2015

34ry7ugSo Sunday September 20th my wife and I are shopping in the Exito, which is Colombia’s version of Wal-Mart and guess what? They have the Christmas decorations out already. Now you might say they have a long Christmas season but they don’t. They put everything out on the floor now and when it sell it doesn’t get restocked so that by Dec 15th at the latest all signs of Christmas is gone from the store. For somebody like me that like to shop close to Christmas it’s a real drag. Somebody told me it’s because employment contracts end in around the beginning of Dec. which means a lot of people especially in the professional fields will be unemployed from two weeks to a month or a little more. That and everybody starts partying and getting drunk right up to New Years Day. December 7th I think and Christmas Eve everyone is shooting off fireworks. Christmas Eve is also the all night drunkathon or party if you prefer. It seems that Easter is more religious than Christmas. I love Christmas and I approach each year with childlike glee only to see it slip into haze of hangovers. If I ever sell a lot of books I’m going to have one last great Christmas. This Is Flounder saying CIAO and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Medellin,, Colombia.

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