September 11, 2015

Remember-Sept-11There are a couple of things that bother me about today first is how 9/11 seems to be fading in people’s memories and I find that very sad. The second is how some people use the memory of that day to promote bigotry and hatred. Sometimes it looks like the Government would like us to forget about 9/11 just like Americans have forgotten about Oklahoma City or the first World Trade Center Bombing. It’s convenient to forget these things or to use them for your own agendas because it hurts to remember. Maybe you wish you had done something like joining the bucket brigade. I know I do. I watched that day on TV and I still can’t believe how those building came down. I can’t imagine how those first responders felt trapped inside as the building came down. And I can’t imagine how those that were on their way watched as the buildings killed their friends. The Government uses this day to tell us this must never happen again and we must be vigilant and report anything we deem suspicious. We must also allow them to listen in on our phone calls and search our Emails. Isn’t this in contrast to what all our soldiers have died for? This day should be about politics or personal agendas this should be a day to morn those who gave their lives. Heroes like those on the flight that gave there live to stop the terrorists from continuing their attack on Washington. I don’t hate Muslims or Arabs I understand that in order for this planet to survive all races and religions must learn to get along or we will be just another extinct animal. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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