July 27, 2015

i-hate-mondays-i12235God I hate Monday’s here I ‘am in a good mood celebrating the publication of my new book and I here shit news. I called a friend which I do every month or so to find out what’s up. He doesn’t have a computer or smart phone so the only way I get to know anything is to call him up. Well there’s no answer, no big deal I figured I jest screwed up the time differential and I’ll catch him the next day. Well that didn’t happen instead I get an email from a mutual friend telling me our friend is in the hospital with Cancer of the foot and they might have to amputate. I called his cell phone and got to talk to him and his spirits seem ok he just wants out of the hospital. So I go to check out Facebook and find out another one of my friends father passed away. And you want to know why I hate Mondays. They’re bad enough without all this bad news stuff. Well I decided to go take a nap before anymore bad stuff happens. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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