July 21, 2015

donald-trumpSorry about no post yesterday but it was a holiday down here and we were out visiting. So let’s see what should I post about? I know let’s talk about Donald Trump and his big mouth shall we. I’m really not surprised by his comments he has always had the habit of saying what he want without really thinking it threw. He aims his comments at Mexican immigrants and poor people, neither of which he really knows anything about. He belongs to the one percent that has all the money and doesn’t give a shit what happens to everybody else. My question has always been why when people talk about immigration is always the Mexicans. I mean they’re not taking any job I would want such as fruit picker, dish washer, common laborer. The immigrants that are taking jobs that I would want are from India and other countries in the areas. We also send a lot of our jobs there and the people who do that are members of Mister Trumps one per centers. The fact that all these jobs are leaving the US doesn’t seem to bother politicians very much even though it is responsible for Americans being unemployed. I put a story on Facebook the other day about a young doctor I had seen down here who spoke perfect English and had wanted to work in America but was told she would have to start all over again. Yet if she had been from India there wouldn’t of been a problem and how is it that American that can’t make it into Medical school in the US go to school in Mexico and come back as doctors? If people in the US are concerned with losing jobs to immigrants they should stop the process of giving work visas which allow companies to import cheap labor. I can’t understand how Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate for president. I think this speaks volumes for the educational systems short comings. But what do I know I’m just a cat. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombi

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