July 6, 2015

imagesLet’s talk a little about racism. I know not a real popular topic but I got started thinking about it after I watched a broadcast of the Boston Pops Fourth of July concert from Boston Mass. The thing that got me going was that in that whole audience there were no Black people. And there have been black people living in Boston since before the revolution. There has been segregation in place almost that whole time. They had to use court ordered busing to desegregate the schools. Here’s what it looks like now in 2014, Boston public schools were 35% black, 41% Hispanic, 13% white, 9% Asian-American and 2% from other races. The school-age population of Boston at the time[when?] was 38% black, 34% Hispanic, 19% white, and 7% Asian.[22] The vast majority of white public school enrollment is in surrounding suburbs. In metropolitan Boston, public school enrollment in 2014-2015 was 64% white, 17% Hispanic, 9% black, and 7% Asian. Boston the home of liberty is a racist city. And it’s not the only one but it is a surprising one considering its history. If you go out in the Midwest or Far West you’ll find cities that are just as bad. But I think with its big Fourth of July celebrations and its place in history more should be done to eliminate racism in the state not just the city. Boston’s basketball team was at one time the only team in the NBA that an all white starting five, actually I think it was first seven players were white. This might surprise some people because Mass is so far North you wouldn’t think about race as a problem. They were a Northern state during the civil war after all. Well I think the army should stop its participation in the concert until such time the audience looks a little more integrated. Just because you have black entertainers on the stage doesn’t mean anything. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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