February 25, 2015

secret-societiesSo I decided to look a little longer look at the original Knights Templar and another group named the Cathars. The Templar’s were soldiers of the church until the end of the Crusades and the loss of the Holy Land. It was at that time that the French king Phillip IV who was deeply in Debt to the Templar’s decided to discredit them and then after threatening Pope Clement with his army got him to dissolve the Templar’s. There is no evidence of them being involved in witch craft or having possessed the Holy Grail. The same situation revolved around the Cathars with the church responsible for several massacres of them. There is some credence to the story of the Templar’s having religious artifacts such as the Shroud of Turin. But when the Shroud was last Carbon dated it seemed to disprove this. It is known that both the groups did amass great wealth a large part of which has not been recovered. The Holy Grail largely reported to be the Chalice that Jesus drank from at his last supper has never been confirmed to have existed by the Catholic Church. There are however some who believe that the Grail is not an artifact but rather a source of knowledge either of the human mind or perhaps the secrets of Alchemy. Either way movies have been made stories told expedition launched all in search of the mystical Grail. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin,Colombia.

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