February 16, 2015

140913185502-henning-isis-large-169Well it’s another Monday and the bat shit crazy group of radicals called ISIS killed 25 Egyptians and now most of the Arab world is bombing the shit out of these people. And then you got a couple of Taliban wackos shooting up a Masque in Pakistan. I guess they thought it would be a good idea to piss off some more people. I have a lot of trouble with people that think the way to get people on your side is to go around and kill a few. That hasn’t worked in any decade that I’ve looked at. All it does is piss people who might have been on the fence about you into deciding you got to go. I understand the subjugating people by force meaning like how the old communist regimes use to suppress free speech and opposition with force. But even they didn’t go around and do mass beheadings of innocent people even though there are stories about people disappearing and never being heard from again. But that shit still comes back to haunt you as is evidenced by the fall of communism. I just don’t know where these wacko groups get their volunteers from unless there are a lot of closet mass murders hanging around out there. Well that was a depressing start to the week and now I’m going go back to bed and have nightmares. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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