February 9, 2015

GoodOldDaysHere’s one for you I’m 69 years old that’s the age where we start to talk about the good old days. So I started thinking are they good old days? Well something’s were better than and something’s are the same now. I think the fact that my didn’t have to work and was there every day after school for me is a better thing. I think that my father not having to work late or Saturdays was a good thing. I’m no t a fan of the cell phone now a day’s too many parents use it as a form of babysitting. I decided to look at kid then and now. When I was a kid rock and roll music was just beginning and my parents hated it and we hated there big band music. Today some like our old rock and roll just like some of us liked our parent’s music as well as our rock and roll. I’m really not of rap at least not when it’s performed, some of it reads good though. It was nice back then to able to walk your girl to the movie without worrying about getting mugged or shot and when you wanted to talk to somebody you did it face to face. You didn’t have to worry about being out on a date and have somebody call you about work or something dumb. I don’t think everything back then was better and I know kids today won’t think so (you had to live it) but we did seem to care more about each other back then. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “THE GOOD OLD DAYS”

  1. valerie said

    back then in the good old days we actually talked to each other face to face


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