February 5, 2015

images This post deal with a recent Rolling stone article about the politicians that plan on undoing all the President has done. I’m going to start with a democrat because I don’t want my Republican friends to stop reading after the first line or so. His name is Joe Manchin he comes from West Virginia support the Keystone Pipeline and anything that will reduce restrictions on the use of coal. Some people believe his motivation is be governor of West Virginia again. Now we get to the Republicans first up is Paul Ryan. Now he wants to screw with Social Security which you know is pissing me off he wants to turn Medicare into a voucher program degrease corporate taxes and roll back cost of living increases in Social Security well the last increase amounted to 22 dollars and change and was used up by increases in ATM fees down here in Colombia. I guess if your 70 years old and not a politician and you rely on SS for your income you better start reading the classifieds. Of course politicians don’t have to worry about that. Tom Price is another one who wants to cut SS and it’s believed that the President will go along with this shit. Jeb Hensarling is another gem. He want to remove all the consumer protection the administration placed on the too big to fail banks. He’ll use riders on bills that have to be passed. This is a common practice of both parties when they want to look like they’re doing something good while the stick it up your ass. Next we Steve King he the immigration guy want to real or block all of Obama’s immigration reforms. And then there’s Andy Harris he want to recriminalize pot again using riders he must have a way of making money off Jail or organized crime doesn’t want pot legal. Now this guy is a real beauty James Inhofe this guy wrote a book in 2012 entitled The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future. Now just about every scientist in the world will tell you the Climate is screwed up and we better do something about it soon. But this guy, with his head in the sand says Bull Shit and wants to repeal most of the environmental laws on the books. Last but not least John McCain he wants ground troops back in Iraq and the Far East to fight ISIS. First he should study history those asshole over there have been fighting each other and anybody else they can find since before Jesus. Well if you want some indigestion read the Rolling Stone article if you’re a diehard republican with a closed mind don’t bother you’ll just think it’s a pile of lies. But if you’re an American worried about your future and the future of your country I highly recommend it. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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