December 4, 2014

Two-Commercial-Jets-Collide-At-Miami-International-AirportWell I’m sitting in Miami international airport waiting for my next flight which will take me to JFK everything went pretty fast because we checked in online and didn’t have to stand in those long lines. The flight down was a little e rough but we were all tired so we caught a few winks. And of course the wife and I were yelling at each other. They say that Miami is the second most confusing airport in the US but we didn’t have any trouble getting around. I will say this for the plane ride they don’t make planes for people over 6 foot tall or as wide as I am but they were short flights so it wasn’t too bad. It looks like the airport employs more Cubans than any other nationality. If you speak English without any accent you’re a novelty. I probably won’t get to post his till tonight or tomorrow. The internet in the airport is about as secure as Swiss cheese. I hope my body Flounder is doing OK I miss him already. Well unless something really spectacular happens I won’t be back until may Thursday or Friday. This Jeff saying CIAO( for his buddy Flounder) from the good old USA.

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