December 1, 2014

stuffWell it’s time for some Monday morning STUFF. First up the football player Johnny Manziel got to play a little in a game and almost immediately was ordained as the second coming of Payton Manning. People are upset about a black person playing a Storm Trooper in the new Star Wars Movie and an all white cast in the new Exodus movie. Man I can’t even make this crap up. The Colombian who had been kidnapped by “Rebels” two weeks ago was released Sunday so now President Santos is ready to resume peace talks like nothing ever happened. How is it people from all over the world keep electing idiots as leaders? Today is Cyber Monday that, the internet version of Black Friday only you can’t touch the STUFF your about to put on your credit card and pay huge interest rates. The Hockey player Martin Brodeur, the man who originally found my buddy Flounder in the meadowlands parking lot is getting ready to retire Flounder wishes him the best of luck. The price of crude oil is dropping fast and may reach 30 dollars a barrel but of course you won’t see a huge drop in Gasoline prices those oil company execs aren’t about to give up country clubs, private jets, and their Lamborghini anytime soon. Well that’s enough stuff for Monday. Oh by the way Jeff is leaving for the US this Wednesday and depending on our ability to communicate there may not be a lot of Blogging for most of December. But I guarantee there will be a lot of partying. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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