November 27, 2014

imagesWell all of my American friends know this day to be Thanksgiving Day. This is the day when the Pilgrims and the Indians sat down to dinner to thank the Indians for helping them the last year. Of course we screwed them to the wall later on. This used to be the one day of the year you would spend with family eating too much and over dosing on football. But then ugly monster called greed appeared and forced the lowest earning people to go to work so that the rich one could make more money. You all know the saying money is the root of all evil well there is a group of greedy unscrupulous bastards out there that are really trying to prove that saying right. Hard working people that used to look forward to spending the day with their families before the Christmas retail crunch are now forced to deal with mean arrogant people fighting over teddy bears and laptops. You know I don’t care how you cut it but if Jeff was still working and they told him he had to work Thanksgiving I know for a fact he would have told his boss to take the job and shove up his ass. I hope those of you that do have to work get to spend time with those that matter and get a little time to say thank you. This is a very grateful Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin, Colombia.

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