November 21, 2014

david-berkowitzA lot of my readers know I’ve written and published three books and that after a fling in the science fiction world I now right about a character that’s a serial killer. I also deal with subjects like human trafficking. Now doing research for the latter will make you want to go out and find these people and kill them. But let’s just look at serial killers. The FBI defines them as someone who has committed three murders over the period of a month with a cooling off period in between. They are all emotionally and psychologically screwed up. They are also very smart, the ones that get caught are said to want to be found out and caught. I’m not sure that’s true for all of them. I think that a lot exist and are never identified as serial killers. For instance if a person goes out and kills for all the reasons said to attributed to serial killers but hides the bodies. What if he or she doesn’t kill in the same manner, or the same sex, and even better in the same country? How would they be identified as a serial killer how about they live in an underdeveloped country. If a serial killer existed in rural South America or Africa how would they get identified? Now the mass murders in Mexico and the rest of the world are not considered to be serial killers. Serial killers are a breed all on to their own. I fear that out there are monsters that we might consider normal friendly people just waiting for the chance to kill and we won’t be able to recognize them. This is a thoroughly depressed Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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