November 17, 2014

quotes-about-animal-abuse-and-animal-rightsToday Jeff is letting me (Flounder) write the post. First I was under the weather for a couple of days some sort of food poisoning. I guess I won’t be bothering Jeff and Ruby when they’re eating anymore. Now comes the bad part Jeff read an article about a puppy that had been beaten with a baseball bat. He was very upset and I’m really pissed off. Abusing an animal is the same as abusing a very young child. They don’t understand why you doin it. a lot of states have laws that protect animals and punish those that abuse with jail time and fines. I of course don’t think this enough. I know there are people out there that live off the land and hunt. I also know they don’t torture the animal before they kill it. But you have Seal and Dolphin hunters that beat their pray to death and cows and pigs are killed in similar ways. I’m just going to stick with the domestic animals for now. You don’t see a lot of abuse in Colombia but you do see some as well as abandonment although strays are fed by strangers at least in Bello. I feel that in this regard animals are like kids if you are a parent and you don’t want the child don’t leave it in a basket or something and hope someone good will take care of it. With a pet there are plenty of people willing to care for it so you don’t have to throw them out of your car or leave them tied to a tree. Animals and small children haven’t learned that there are bad people out there they love without question and when you beat them they think that they’ve done something to offend you. Here’s another thing to remember about animal cruelty it’s one of the indicators of a serial killer in the making. Well I’ve succeeded in really depressing myself now so I’ll just say This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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