November 13, 2014

sportsYou know I think I’ve found out what’s wrong with the world. Jeff sowed me an article about a college football player named Jameis Winston. Winston is the quarterback of the no 2 or 3 college team in the country. He has been accused of assault on a woman. Now comes the part where we say the problem exists. If he didn’t play and start on a national ranked college football team he would most likely be in jail right now, but because he does he’s free to play on Saturdays. This happens not just in major colleges but at every level of sports. Once a male is recognized to exceptional talent in sports or academics he is given preferential treatment. As an athlete he no longer has to meet the same academic standards as others. Then depending on the school and ratings of the team he can just about do whatever he wants without worry of severe punishment. He will have his time at school paid for and won’t have to worry about paying for books because if he’s really good someone else will read them for him. The most egregious case of this goes back some years where an all pro defensive end of the Washington Redskins pro football team retired and was found to be functually illiterate. That meant he could sign his name but couldn’t read or right. But somehow he had a college diploma. This attitude isn’t just about football or the United States. This attitude is everywhere; young men are signed to sports deals and then after they have served their purpose are for most cast aside without the ability do anything else. Women on the other hand depending on the sport and the school are held to a much higher standard especially if they go pro in their sport. There is a huge debate over the inequality of sports and the business world which I’ll get into in another post. The point here is that because someone can hit a ball, or run real fast, or shoots a basketball they should be paid a ridicules amount of money and be allowed to be held to a lower standard then the rest of humanity. This is what’s wrong with society because if you apply this reasoning to everything else then the people who are rich can do what they want as well. Somewhere along the line we lost focus on the equity of man and developed this permissive society. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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