November 11, 2014

change_mindJeff finished reading an article about American politician Rand Paul who might be a presidential candidate in 2016. It occurred to Jeff when he had finished the article that this was another example of politicians changing their minds to suit changing opinions. The phenomenon is not confined to US politicians it done by all of them the world over. What is most surprising about this is that people are too stupid to see it. They will embrace the man or woman and their new views and forget that they were for or against this opinion before. We hope, but doubt, that at some time people will wake up to the fact that politicians are infected with a mental condition called Pathological lying. They will say what they think you want or should hear so tht they can stay in their little offices of power and don’t have to worry about being surrounded by the common folk. Another point of interest on the Net this morning was an article about economic disparage and how it’s as bad as it was in 1916. We have those pathological liars to thank for that. This is Flounder (so glad I’m a cat) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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