November 1, 2014

birth-controlSo Jeff read this article about Arizona censuring birth control form its biology text books and ha came up with a question. If religious conservatives are out there protesting against birth control and then try and get Roe vs Wade overturned and stop abortions how do they plan on handling all the kids that aren’t really wanted. Do they expect people to just stop fucking so the population won’t get out of hand or some infant will be left in an alleyway? Religious extremists one suffering from a large dose of intolerance make me crazy. First of all the Bibles and all other religious books were interpreted by a man not a God. In most cases the teachings in these books are here say rather than the actual writings of God. Man doesn’t have the resources to just go around and screw his brains out and then have women pop kids out. And another thing it was a man who said God was a man and that man got here first. I think they are right about the man part after all man has been fucking up ever since the beginning of life. But now we have people saying the Bible or other religious publication says abortion is wrong and I may not be a religious scholar but I don’t think it says anything of the kind. It does say something along the lines of go forth and prosper or something. But a man has said this is what the book means therefore this is what god says. I don’t think so actually on moral grounds there are better arguments that God doesn’t exist then they’re one that do. Now those of you that read this Blog on a regular basis know Jeff doesn’t believe in Religion but won’t discount a superior being. So he thinks he can look at this a little more independently than say a priest. Anyway how was that for a post Halloween blog? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia


  1. valerie said

    agree with it all – so I say amen to it all


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