October 27, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI get so many compliments and views when I write about STUFF that I’ve come to the conclusion that my readers either don’t know what STUFF is or they have too much and want o know how to get rid of some of it. Well first you have to what STUFF is and STUFF is everything, even those little thoughts in your head. This Blog is STUFF of course it my STUFF and I get rid of it by writing about it and when you read it then it becomes your STUFF. It’s really a vicious circle STUFF we never really get rid of it we just move it from place to place. When you clean out your closet you take the STUFF you don’t want to the dumpster. Now the stuff belongs to the guy who picks up the garbage. He takes it to the dump or they recycling plant now your STUFF belongs to more people. If it ends up in a junk yard sooner or later it will either be bought by someone else or crushed to make something new. If it goes to a recycling plant it gets made into a newer version of your old STUFF. So in conclusion if you want to get rid of STUFF don’t think don’t buy don’t do anything. But you know what if you do that you’ll just become STUFF we’ll have to try and get rid of. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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