October 24, 2014

indexI called this post bits and pieces because I really didn’t want to call it what it really is and that’s stuff. This is just a little review of some events of the past week that we really know is just more stuff. First up Peyton Manning Denver quarter back broke the record for most Touchdown passes ever. This was originally held by Bret Farve of the Green bay Packers. Next we have Steve Nash of the LA Lakers will be out for the season due to a nerve injury in his back. At his age, 40, this should end a great career. It looks like one of the longest running programs on TV is reaching its end The Original CSI has it production schedule reduced this year and that’s usually a prelude to cancelation. I’ll miss it but it’s been long enough. Pat Robertson a Christian preacher known for sticking his foot in his mouth has done it again referring to Gay activists as terrorists. Some idiots just never learn. Fox TV News anchor woman Kimberly Guilfoyle declared that young female voters shouldn’t vote but should go back to and Tender and get married so they would have more life experience therefore be better voters. There is a confirmed case of E Bola in NY city this has to be a real nightmare for health workers since this person apparently road the subway and came into contact with hundreds of people. And finally you knew I had to use this. A Bear walked into a drug store, I’ll let you finish this one. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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    this was a great blog


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