October 23, 2014

bangladesh1 Sorry about no post yesterday I was doing a little research on today’s topic not just for this blog but also Jeff’s books. The topic is Human Trafficking. Now like most people I thought this was strictly about the sex trade and was surprised to see the list. Of course it contains the obvious Prostitution, and Child Porn. But also on this list were Forced Labor, Slavery, Organ Removal, and Illicit Adoptions. I should of thought about Organ Removal since transplants have become big business and you how really rich people want to live forever. Also people tend to think this all just about Children and it’s not. About the only ones who are safe are old people like Jeff. It’s really hard to find exact statistics about how many people are trafficked at any given time since a lot are out of the third world or simply forgotten people. Also in some countries if you go there by invitation to perform sex you are considered to have been trafficked. The people that do the kidnap’s or coercion to obtain a human for trafficking are not always perverts but rather just greedy criminals that see a demand that can’t be fulfilled legally, such as Organ Transplant. The perverts are the buyers and like anything else such as drugs, or any legitimate business, in order to put an end to it you must first remove the demand. And since this transcends most economic boundaries I really don’t see it stopping anytime soon. In the United States if you need help trying to finding someone you think might be involved in trafficking there is an organization you can contact. The name is the POLARIS PROJECT or THE NATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING RESORCE CENTER. There is more information at their website or you can phone them at 1-888-373-7888 and text at Info or Help to Befree (233733) This is one of those posts that I hope really get’s people thinking and maybe just maybe we can save one person. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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