October 20, 2014

BurgerWars1 Welcome to Monday thought I’d start this week off by getting involved in a subject that I usually stay away from, the American fast food world. It would seem that the Iconic Company Mc Donald’s is suffering a loss to its bottom line and of course analysts all say it about price. They never give credit to the American people that they might be fed up with the quality of the food. They don’t think that people might just be tired of a product that rarely looks or tastes like their ads. I took a look around the internet and found that while McDonalds’s and Burger King still hold the edge in the burger world I’ve noticed a funny trend. People are getting tired of paying for so so food and are switching to burger companies like In and Out Burger that don’t pre cook their food. One rising star is 5 Guys burgers now there a little more expensive but according to what I’m reading the quality is there. I’m sure price is an issue for a lot of people (it is for me) but since people are working harder for their dollar I think quality is becoming an issue. Unlike casual clothing where you can buy the same styles at discount stores food quality seems to be a big issue. Look at the Super markets and you’ll see companies like fresh foods and Trader Joes are making huge inroads into the traditional Super Market scene. Now Jeff has worked in both Supermarkets and Restaurants, so he knows how to get the best at reasonable prices. But the average person doesn’t have this knowledge so they depend on word of mouth and today that ward is quality over price. What does this mean in the scheme of things? It could result in cheaper prices at the big fast food chains but beware they have a tendency to reduce portions and quality to offset the price reduction. God forbid they have to drive a Nissan instead of a BMW. This is Flounder saying I’m suddenly hungry so I’ll say CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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