October 17, 2014

032214_ebolaWell I’ve been reading a lot about Ebola lately and I’m surprised to find that some people believe we’re being fed just enough information to scare us. That might be true as some countries worry more than others. What worries me more than anything else is that this will cause a more racism and set the whole process back a hundred years. We learned to control aids once we realized what was going on by research and education. Is it completely under control no but it isn’t the instant death sentence it once was. I’ve been reading stories about Ebola almost from the beginning and one thing I notice is in the beginning they isolated the villages that had it and that the death rate was almost a 100%. Now they’re not able to isolate it as well as in the past, and it’s managed to cross borders with a 70% death rate. The only thing good about it crossing borders is that people in the advanced countries are starting to take it much more seriously and more attention means more money and research is going towards it. When it was first discovered there was a greater fear that it would cause a worldwide pandemic. The fear is still there but the doctors aren’t standing next to dead bodies predicting it. For those that think this is just media scare tactics, you may be right to a certain degree. But to completely look the other way and say the threat isn’t that great, well your libel to wake up one morning and find out it’s too late. When the Plaque hit Europe people weren’t worried because it stayed in the ghettos. The same thing with Ebola when it was first discovered it was poor Africa’s problem so well send them some medicine and a few doctors and that’s that. Now people are beginning to panic in some places. Panic is not the right response either is closing borders to the sick. Getting the research people to work together and not have the secrets and back stabbing that went on and still goes on to certain degree in Aids research. It is only a matter of time before some disease either wakes up or comes back to kick human kinds ass may be this is it may be not. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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