October 16, 2014

2c832305a750ee8f71a8aa839bd4af9aTerrorism not a nice word but what really is terrorism? Is it the bomb that goes off in the subway? Was 9/11 the ultimate terror strike? Well for me terrorism isn’t the bomb or the plane or the gun it’s the effect. You can see the effect everywhere soldiers at airports closed circuit cameras all over. You read about it too you phones being monitor emails, being read more security at airports. You see what I’m getting at true terrorism is designed to mess with your way of life to make you feel so unsafe that you’ll give up some freedom. If you want to look at it on a smaller scale go to a not so nice area and watch as some kid with gang colors takes protection money from one of his neighbors. Now you’re wondering why this happens or how could it happen well as for the big stuff you know bombs, planes, gas, or radiation Americans, like the Israelis just chose to ignore it till it happens to them. You don’t think that after 9/11 people in the Midwest didn’t go whew glad it wasn’t us before they became outraged at the attack. Most humans have a very short memory for tragedy that doesn’t directly affect them. Now let’s take a look around are there protests over the security do American worry about the next attack or the loss of privacy. I don’t think so I think they walk around with the idea it won’t happen to me or they wouldn’t dare do it again. Maybe they wouldn’t but we have our own group of whack jobs in America and they just might do it again. I think that some of the security in place such as monitoring you phones and computer activities are a little unnecessary and quite frankly I think the information being gathered is being misused. I don’t have actual proof of this but if you’ve read my Blog before you know that it’s mostly my opinion designed to make you think. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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