October 13, 2014

RGhirlandaio-Columbus-BRToday is Columbus Day a day celebrated in a lot of countries including Colombia. We thought it would be interesting to ask why? Since there seem to be a lot of evidence that would indicate that North America was found and explored long before old Chris got here. Now the funny thing is the Scandinavians aren’t really upset about Chris getting credit. Just like the Spanish don’t worry about too much either it seems that only the Italians get bent out of shape if someone says he didn’t discover America. I personally don’t give a shit give Chris credit for the southern Hemisphere and let the Vikings have the Northern one. One huge difference I see is Chris did his discovery more or less by accident while the Vikings not only discovered the American coast line but went on to explore all the way to the Minnesota. Now the claims of these two groups of supporters are almost as violent as intense as an argument of religion of politics. Once again I must say who cares? This is not one of those historical events where a significant lesson is to be learned. It’s not like there’s a lot cause and effect like a world war. I look at the Vikings being the smarter ones they found a little part of this huge country settled down not looking to conquer the place. They got a long with the Indians didn’t try to expand thousands of miles just lived lie and enjoyed. The Italians and the rest sought riches and land at the expense of the local population. Well now that I look at it maybe there is something to be said for the most aggressive people learning to get along with others in order to survive. While other simply wanted to dominate and steal what they could. Maybe that’s why today the happiest people in the worlds live in Scandinavia. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “WHAT DO YOU THINK”

  1. valerie said

    I agree who—- the F cares


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