October 9, 2014

aSince it’s nearing Halloween I thought it would be appropriate to discuss things like UFO’s, Aliens, Ghosts, and Demons. We’ll start off with UFO’s and I guess if you believe in them than you must believe in Aliens. It’s funny that the two major camps on the subject can’t produce scientific proof one way or another. I mean we have no proof, at least none that the general public is aware of that would say yes there are UFO’s and Aliens out there. We also don’t have actual proof that they don’t or that God exists. If Aliens were proven to be real it would affect how we view religion and God. Now Jeff believes in Alien life forms being out there it just doesn’t make any since that with all those stars and planets that there wouldn’t be life out there. Now for those that believe that God only put life on this planet why did he make all the rest? Why not just leave earth and a sky why stars and solar systems with life supporting planets if Earth was his creation. Jeff has seen many things he’s been unable to hve explained. One was during a particular bad thunder storm when he saw a small cloud separate itself from the storm then fly back and forth across the sky. When he asked people who should know at weather stations and science teachers they looked at him like he was crazy. Nobody had ever seen anything like that. A couple of years later a movie came out called Close Encounters of the Third Kind and they used that effect. People say if there were aliens out there would they want to deal with us after all were not exactly peaceful. And if they did want to talk to us why is it they always chose people from rural areas and not some scientists instead. Well if you want to measure the intellectual growth of a society look at it lower points not the higher ones. If you keep going back to the lower ones you’ll be able to see how they progress and then you’d be able to get an idea of the whole human race. Personally if I was an alien I’d make contact with a cat after all CATS RULE. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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