October 8, 2014

indexWell we missed a post yesterday because Jeff’s wife left for a week at the beach and Jeff hates the beach. So I was thinking what to write about and as usual to topic of STUFF came to mind. You know each one of these words I’m typing is stuff. The result of stuff is clutter it can happen anywhere. Just look in your closet or under the kitchen sink. The worst place to have clutter is in your head because it can cause all types of problems. Sometimes people have too many people in there and that really screws things up. But just normal clutter can make it difficult to see thinks are get things done, it causes procrastination. You know what I’m talking about you start a project and the next thing you know you have all these ideas floating in your head. And you know what ideas are they’re stuff and stuff causes clutter so you end up sitting on the coach watching senseless TV programs. Now we all have stuff in our heads. Albert Einstein had a whole lot of stuff in his head and every once and awhile he was able to get it together and make some since out of it and everybody said he was a genius. How we handle stuff is how we determine how smart we are. Stuff isn’t just the closet full of old junk it’s your head and what’s inside it. Cats are lucky we get to much stuff in our head we just go take a nap, maybe that’s something you guys should think about. You know when a writer says he has writers block that’s nothing more than too much stuff in his head and he needs to take a break so the stuff can settle down and he can find the right stuff. Well like I said when a cat has too much stuff he goes and takes a nap so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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