October 6, 2014

Change-PicSo I was sitting around with Jeff on Sunday afternoon and he starts talking about all the changes he’s seen in his life and how a lot have not been good. First he remembered being able to get a bunch of his friends and going to the school yard to play stick ball but that was banned because drawing the box on the school wall was considered defacing school property. Next came, baseball and how the gang would get together and go down to the park and play a little pickup game. But that was soon stopped because organized leagues were afraid we’d damage the fields. Next they said you needed to reserve the field and have insurance before you could use it. The town Jeff and I lived in, before we moved down here, Parsippany has about thirty ball fields that stand unused because of this. The same applied to touch football they even wouldn’t let you play in the street even with no cars you were considered a traffic hazard. Then of course came, the money sports like car racing. At first all you needed was a car and a track now you need sponsors and you have to be an engineer. Most of the other things we did as kids now are cost prohibitive except for basketball. That’s why kids from the poorer parts of towns excel at that sport it doesn’t take a lot of money to play. This strikes Jeff as funny because they’re always saying that they want parks and such to keep the kids off the streets. Well that’s how I spent my Sunday; this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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