October 2, 2014

achmed-i-kill-youHere’s a question which has been asked before (not by me). Do you think you could kill another human being? Now some will say I guess so if my life or my wife or kids were threatened. How about the guy who just stole the parking space you sent the last 15 minutes waiting for? Well it’s been said that everybody is capable of killing given the proper motivation. But what stops us from killing that parking space thief? Is our upbringing or we afraid of being caught and going to jail or is the prospect of the guilt we’d feel. It’s funny but most of us that don’t go around killing people have lots of reasons not to. But that still doesn’t answer the question are we capable of killing? I think we all are humans get a perverse since of euphoria when the kill an insect or other vermin they find in their homes. They get huge feeling of guilt if it’s a domestic animal, at least most people do. Remember humans are the only thing on this planet that kills for sport. So what do you really think do you need the treat to your family or are you like Jeff hurt an animal in front of him and he will beat you till someone stops him. he knows this because it has already happened to him he knows what he’s capable of because of past experiences with his temper. He keeps that part of his temper well under control. But he and I both believe all humans are capable of violence that we find repugnant in others. That’s the thought to chew on for today. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia>

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