September 29, 2014

imagesDon’t Mondays just make you go out breath in that fresh fall air then throw up and go back to bed? Well don’t worry I won’t be writing about that today. Instead I decided to take a look at what they call midterm elections. These might determine who controls the Senate. I have to say I really don’t give a shit who does win. What I would really like to see is, them actually do some work. It seems that running for political office is like putting bids in for a paid vacation. I can’t figure out why Americans are so complacent these days that they would people who are supposed to represent them screw them whenever they get the chance. It seems the rest of the world is getting the same way. Whatever happened to revolutions or mass protests? I know we have some stuff going on in Ferguson Missouri and there were a couple of huge marches against the chemical giant Monsanto and Global climate Change. But when the marches ended everybody went home and nothing changed. Oh it takes time you here. Yeah it does but when these folks go home they need to go to work and pay their bills. You saw this with all the 60’s protesters they all eventually sold out for the big payday. That’s how they control you by making you afraid for your job. They don’t care if you sue them for unlawful dismissal or anything else it rake years to get through the courts and eventually they make a deal hand out some money that the lawyers get most of and nothing changes. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe in actually I’m saying the opposite. But you have to go about the same way they do by spending money hiring Pr firms and a spin doctor or two. It’s called fighting fire with fire. Ok I’m done for now this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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