September 19, 2014

crossed-fingers-lying-woman-SSToday we read that the majority of American are losing faith in there news outlets. Does this surprise anyone? You’d have to be stupid to not realize that the supposedly neutral news media has been taking sides for years. Slanting their opinions to group or another, this of course lends credence to the idea that money controls everything. You haven’t seen any great investigative reporting lately have you? Even the so called free bloggers take sides. I guess it seems we do at times but honestly we try not to. We think all reporters lie, look at one of our favorites Matt Taibbi he left rolling Stone to start his own magazine and nobody has really heard from him since. Sixty minutes one of the most respected news shows on TV has been accused of faking several stories in order to boost ratings. What do you think are your newspapers and favorite TV news people really telling you what is going on or they just trying to prevent you from knowing the real truth. Now I know that our Democratic friends are saying it’s all the Republicans doing and the Republicans are saying the opposite. The real truth is everybody’s lying and it all comes back to the line from the Tom Cruise Movie Jerry McGuire “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. I don’t think much will change in the near future unless something horrible happens that the politicians and bankers can’t blame on anybody else. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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