September 16, 2014

stuffSo once again I’m going to deal with my most popular topic Stuff. Miriam Webster defines Stuff as “a group or pile of things that are not specifically described.” Well now we better define things. Things are objects, animals, or quality etc. of any kind. In other words open your closet and you know what you’ll see a whole lot of Stuff. Look down at the floor and you know what you see? Yup you got it Stuff. Now if that wasn’t bad enough look up in the sky and what do you see? You’re right more Stuff. Look in a glass of water with a magnifier and what do see floating in their Stuff and what’s even more mind boggling is that the Stuff is floating in Stuff. Man give me a break there’s so much Stuff out there that we’ll never get rid of it and where would we but it if we tried? You know what would happen we would just create a bigger pile of Stuff someplace else. Well I’m done for today I’m going to go poop and make some more Stuff. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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