September 15, 2014

Middle East1I read an article this morning that said the Mid East confounds the United States. Well that came as no surprise. We didn’t understand how people in Germany could condone the acts of Hitler. We have a tendency to react using politics as a guide line. We let the media influence our decisions on world events. This caused us to go into Iraq when we had no reason to and ended up with us destabilizing the region. Now all that time and manpower spent there appears to have accomplished nothing and we act surprised. We didn’t understand how the Vietnamese didn’t want our help or we didn’t care. We are responsible for at least part of the problem, if not all, that is facing us now. People want to blame Israel’s attitude for a lot of this. But if you look at history you’ll find the Islam and Christianity has been at odds with each other almost from the beginning. But here is an interesting fact all three religions stared in the same place. Maybe just maybe there’s just one God and he doesn’t belong to any of them. I don’t have a clue how you get three versions of God to become one when everyone thinks theirs is the one true God. Now I’m not even close to being religious but I think that all three are wrong that the real big guy is just waiting for somebody to come along and figure him out. If the world can do this in time it might have a chance otherwise the end of the worlds is just around the corner. This is Flounder ( and I’m bummed ) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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