September 12, 2014

censorship-1You know most people don’t know there opinions are being censored they just think nobody wants to hear it. Well that might be true but is you look around it does exist. If you teach in a Catholic school as a lay person (one who is not a catholic or priest) and you voice an opinion about a subject the church doesn’t want you talking about your fired. And since you signed an employment contract there’s nothing you can do about it. if you work for a individual and make comments that go against their beliefs you going to get fired and again there’s nothing you can do. Speaking up about your employer gets you in trouble speaking up about your Government will get you in more trouble. What you say we can’t criticize our own Government. Well you can until your criticism starts to cause problems then you will be labeled and harassed. Even if you succeed in fending off the Lawyers, and whatever the Government sends after you, you will have to go underground or keep your opinions to yourself. Most people end up deciding that it’s not worth the hassle to keep on criticizing the establishment. They have families and bills that need to be paid so they end up keeping their mouth shut or try to run for public office so that they can change things. I’m sorry to say that doesn’t usually work out well or as hoped. I’m not telling people they should keep their mouths shut what I’m saying is if you’re going to go up against the powers in control be aware that they’re not going to sit around and do nothing. Make sure you criticism is worth the trouble. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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